Thursday, February 16, 2017

christmas time fun!

Our yearly tradition of making "gingerbread" houses continued this year.  Here's how it went:  Ky and Kade put on some candy as quickly as they could, hoarding all their favorite kinds of candy.  They added a few professional sports references, and called it a day.  Everly picked our all the pink candy she could find, and stuck it to her house, all the while trying to stop mommy from helping add some fun details to make it actually look like a house.  She then proceeded to eat her weight in candy.

Krew on the other hand took his time.  He was thoughtful about each decoration he added.  Long after the other 3 kids were done, Krew was diligently adding more and more details to his house.  He wanted to be shown how to do some things, like adding icicles to the roofline, but then wanted to do the rest himself.  He was so proud of his finished house (as he should be!) and it was fun for me to see him be so dedicated to something.  Nice job Krew!
And of course, snow angels!

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