Thursday, February 16, 2017

christmas morning 2016

Christmas morning with children has to be the best day of the year!  The laughter, the love, the happiness, the "thank you"s and the memories make it something to savor!
Since Christmas was on a Sunday this year, after we opened our stockings, we all got dressed in our Sunday best and headed to church.  Singing Christmas hymns, and hearing the messages about the birth of our Savior was the perfect way to start the best day of the year!  I know the kids would disagree, but I think Christmas should be on Sunday every year.

My kids were so happy and so gracious as they opened each of their presents this year.  That isn't always the case, but it was this time.

I realize this last picture seems a bit random, but Krew was most excited about the pet fish he got from Everly, and his face in this picture is priceless!

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