Thursday, February 16, 2017

our 2016 family christmas letter

Here is a copy of our annual family Christmas letter for those who we missed sending a physical copy to:

2016 Highlights:

2016  was a year of traveling!

February: We went to Wisconsin Dells for some indoor waterpark fun! The twins love swimming, so a trip centered around water was a dream come true for them. 

May: We went to Pella, Iowa to visit Bart’s relatives and celebrate Bart’s Dutch heritage at Tulip Time!

July: We drove 23 hours straight to get to Utah, where we spent 2 weeks with Ashli’s family, swimming, celebrating the 4th of July, hiking, visiting with friends and family, eating yummy food, attending a Jazz game, and dreading driving back home.

September: We went to Nashville, TN to watch the Florida Gators football team win a super fun game! We visited with a few friends from Bart’s PA program and spent time with some dear friends we hadn’t seen in years.

November: We traveled back to Iowa for a wedding, and enjoyed seeing many of Bart’s relatives.  

Bart: Stayed busy serving as the Young Men’s president at church, playing his guitars almost every evening since he got his first guitar last Christmas, and continues to enjoy working as a PA in family practice.

Ashli: Loved watching princess movies with Everly, going on one-on-one mommy/son dates this summer, and seems to be getting busier and busier shuttling kids from here to there. She wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Kade: (10) Won his 3rd Flag Football championship in a row, ran cross country, started playing on a basketball team, and played sports outside with his friends nearly every day, all summer.  “Football is my life!” ~Kade

Ky: (10) Also won his 3rd flag football championship, ran track, started playing on a basketball team, and practiced his sketching nearly every day all summer. HIs favorite thing to draw is famous athletes.

Krew: (5) Started 4 year-old kindergarten, learned to ride a 2-wheel bike without ever using training wheels, rides his new scooter like a pro, watched a million sports highlights on YouTube, and can tell you about dozens of pro athletes and teams.

Everly: (2) Is either smiling or shrieking, nothing in between.  She loves babies, doggies, Anna & Elsa, and Princess Sophia, and the color pink.  She spends her days telling people, “I wanna talk to you!”

May your family have a blessed Christmas season and a wonderful 2017!

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