Sunday, September 30, 2007

the big twisty slide

On Wednesday, the boys and I went to a park to meet a good friend from when we lived in Wymount, Whitney, and her three adorable kids. Kade and Ky loved the swings and the slides. They were so excited when they discovered the big twisty slide at the very top, and even more excited when they discovered they could go down it. I can't believe my babies can climb to the top and go down the big twisty slide all by themselves!

Gavin & Braden

Ky & Braden

Calyn & Whitney--I was so excited that Calyn finally woke up just as we were leaving so I could see how adorable she is!

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Debbie said...

How fun! How are the Permins doing?

I was looking at pictures the other day and saw one of the hand dance we did at the ward talent show. That was so much fun and I still remember how to do it!

Your boys are soooo big now! And very cute!