Sunday, September 30, 2007

Life as a bachelor

Ashli and the boys have now been in Utah for over two weeks. Please come home!!! Life as a bachelor was fun for about three days... since then I've been falling apart. I'm ready to have my family back. These last few weeks of "being single" again have made me realize a few things that I'd like to share:

- Ashli must do dishes all the time ... they piled up on me pretty fast!
- Eating whatever I want, whenever I want ... probably isn't that healthy for me.
- I need someone to tell me to go to bed at night.
- Are my neighbors that noisey, or is it just that quiet in our apartment now?
- Growing out my beard was fun ... for about a week and then I had to shave that sucker off. It was too itchy!

- Coming home to an empty house is pretty sad when you're used to Kade and Ky shouting, "Daddy!".
- Watching college football isn't the same with out my family ... although the USF v. West Virginia game Friday night was pretty exciting. I wish Ashli could have been there with me!
-Sleeping without Ashli is pretty much a lost cause.
- There is a different spirit in our house when we are together as a family. I miss that.

Can't wait to see you. Please come home safe and sound. By the way Kade, I am already interviewing golf instructors. Butch Harmon is available now that he is not coaching Tiger.

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Heidi said...

That is why we love Bart!!