Tuesday, September 11, 2007

our first major league baseball game

On Friday, we went to our first Major League Baseball game (well, except for Bart, who has been to some already). We saw the Tampa Bay Devil Rays play against the Toronto Blue Jays. The boys loved watching the batter swing, and would say "Swing! Nice Shot!" just about every time the ball was pitched. They were excited to see the game, eat popcorn, and touch the rays!

They both reached their hands right in and touched the "feesh". After Kade touched one, he decided that was enough. Ky loved it and wanted to keep touching them. In fact, after we went back to our seats, he kept asking to go "touch feesh ogon" (which means touch the fish again; you have to hear how cute he says again!).

Here they are leaving the game. I guess Kade is a die-hard fan and didn't want us to leave during the eighth inning. Sorry Kade!

Devil Rays 2, Blue Jays 7

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