Tuesday, September 11, 2007

what we found today

Look what we found in the pond in our apartment complex. We were just walking home from the gym and there it was. It was swimming towards us, and we got a really good look at its whole body. I'll bet it was about four feet long. I ran inside to get my camera, but by the time we got back to the pond, it was sitting in this junk, and this is the best picture I could get. I was okay with all the alligators in Florida when we saw them in a big lake or on a nature preserve, but this one was in our complex, 20 feet away from the pool! I'm not okay with that. Now I'm going to worry every time I open our front door that there is going to be an alligator waiting to eat my boys!

1 comment:

The Mac's said...

that would make me so nervous to keep running into crocs all over the place..be careful and dont get to close! Love ya