Wednesday, September 19, 2007

it's a good thing i live 2,329 miles away

Today Kade, Ky, Grandma and I went to the new IKEA in Draper. It was so much fun! I had never been to an IKEA before, and I couldn't believe all the fun stuff they had, and how cheap everything was. It's a good thing I live 2,329 miles away, otherwise, I would have come out of there with new dishes, new curtains, a table and chair set for the boys' room, several new lamps, and some new rugs. And, the list is that small because I know that we are moving in 9 months, and I don't want to pay too much to decorate our apartment only to move and have to redecorate another house 9 months from now. If I had a house to decorate, I probably would have bought new stuff for every room. But, as it is, I live 2,329 miles from the IKEA, and there's no way I could get that stuff home on the plane. So, it turns out that I only bought some finger puppets, stacking cup toys, kids plates, and some wooden kitchen utensils.
I have decided that when it comes time to decide where we settle down and buy a house, that we have to be reasonably close to an IKEA. I love it!!
Also, there is an IKEA opening in Orlando on November 14th, so you'll know where I'm going to be the second half of November and where I'm going to do most of my Christmas shopping this year.


Debbie said...

I'm glad you have a blog so we can see you guys! I love Ikea too. The one by our home used to have balls the kids could play in so we used to go alot during the freezing winter to play and then eat hot dogs and ice cream cones.

I agree with you, it's a good thing we don't have a home to furnish because I would spend too much.

Dot said...

Hey this is great, so good to hear from you and see action of the boys. Will try to keep up with you. Gram

The Mac's said...

I LOVE IKEA, have you ever been to Taipan? We will have to go you will love that store too!