Tuesday, May 27, 2008

happy memorial day!

Basically, we spent Memorial Day at the pool. First, we went to the nice pool at the community next to our complex. The boys had a great time going down the big water slide, and learning to jump into the pool all by themselves and swimming to the side of the pool with their life vests on. I thought they would get upset by having their faces go under the water, but it got to the point where they actually got mad if Bart or I caught them as they jumped in because they wanted to go underwater.
Later in the evening, we went and had a BBQ with some friends and went swimming again at their house. It was such a fun day, and we are really going to miss being in Florida and swimming whenever we want.

Ky going down the big water slide
Kade going down the slide (Yes, Bart is hidden in the splash)
My boys at the pool
Bart and Kade jumping together. Ky forgot to jump too.
Ky's jump.


Sarah H said...

THat looks so nice!!! I want to be in Florida in a pool.

megdaines said...

Your boys are daredevils, Owen would never do that! Wish we had some sunshine too!