Wednesday, September 5, 2012

chicago and i love to see the temple

After we left the big city, we drove toward our next hotel, which was a little bit north of downtown.  Very close to where we stayed was the Chicago temple.  My mom, and the boys have never seen it so we decided it was a good stop.  
 I love that you can see angel Moroni between the boys

 Our whole group next to the temple.

 Apparently, crazy face pictures send Krew into hiding!
 Grandma and all the grand kids by the ball fountain
 The plan for the rest of the evening was dinner, swimming at the hotel, and go to bed!  We found a fun Chinese restaurant for dinner, where neither of my kids wanted to order off the kids menu.  Instead, they both ordered an appetizer.  Ky wanted dumplings, like on Kung Fu Panda, and Kade ordered potstickers, because I had recently made some and he decided he loves them.
Next, we headed back to the hotel for swimming.  If you didn't already know, Kade and Ky's idea of a fun vacation is staying in a hotel and swimming in the pool.  Those two things are ALL they want out of a vacation.  In fact, most of the time we go somewhere (not this time luckily), they will ask a zillion times during the day, "When are we going back to the hotel to go swimming?"  They will ask this while we are doing something fun.  We have been asked that while at a children's museum, at a fun restaurant, at the zoo, and even at Disney World!  So, they were ecstatic that we were finally done with all the "boring" vacation stuff and were on our way to the pool.  Imagine the disappointment then, when we got to the pool only to find that it was closed indefinitely! They were both crushed!  We knew there was nothing we could do about it, and we tried to ease the blow with a trip to a yummy frozen yogurt place, and even though they did eventually smile again that evening, they still talk about the devastation of the closed hotel pool!  

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