Wednesday, September 5, 2012

chicago and the "shiny bean"

We started our second day in Chicago by walking to Millennium Park to see the "shiny bean."  It was the most gorgeous day and I felt so happy to be walking around downtown Chicago with my family and my mom!

 I had to explain to Kade and Ky what taxis are.  Then they decided to say, "taxi" every time they saw one.  Which meant they said "taxi" about 27 times each minute.  I was sure that one of those times they would say it a little too loud and a taxi would actually pull over and stop for us.  Of course, as the day wore on and they got really tired of walking, they asked about 27 times per minute why we couldn't take a taxi!

 A picture of our hotel.  Again, it was so fun to stay downtown, it's just really expensive!

 This theater at Millennium Park is amazing.  I would love to go to an outdoor concert there someday!

 The "shiny bean"

 It's amazing to look at this huge, shiny, very reflective sculpture and wonder how they made it, but it's most fun to get some really cool photos!

 I love that in all these pictures of our group, even the person taking the picture, and Krew (sleeping in his stroller) are in the picture at the top.

 I call this one, "I've still got it!"

 I was glad Krew woke up before we left so that I could get a few fun pics with him.  Especially because last time we were there as a family, of course Krew hadn't been born yet, but Kade and Ky were both asleep the entire time we were there.

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