Saturday, September 15, 2012

happy 10 months!

This little charmer is 10 months old already!  I have been loving this stage (didn't I say that about the last stage, and the one before that?)!  He is so much fun and has such a big personality!  He is just the sweetest baby and I love being his mom!
Now that he is moving all over the house (he finally mastered the high crawl, although he still low crawls when he's in a hurry), he has slimmed down quite a lot.  He weighs 20 lbs. 9 oz, which is the 53rd percentile, a big change from when he was 2 months and in the 95th percentile! He's still quite tall for his age, in the 93rd percentile. Oh, and he has a big head too!
He's learned lots of new tricks this month, including:
       ~ Sleeping through the night!  (yay!)
       ~ Giving high fives
       ~  He gives "noggin"  (bumps his forehead to yours, like the sea turtles in Finding Nemo)
       ~ Can get himself down from standing at the furniture
       ~ When asked, "what does a lion say?" he growls
       ~ Loves to mimic sounds
And, he finally got a tooth.  One tiny little tooth.  I think it's adorable!
He still eats like a champion.  He'll eat almost anything I give him, except for the days at a time when he decides he won't eat anything pureed and then he'll only eat finger foods.  However, his favorite food is definitely pancakes.  He can really take those down.  Several weeks ago, I nursed him, then he ate half a banana and 6 pancakes! Granted they weren't huge pancakes, but still...

Krew has been given lots of nicknames by this point.  We all call him Krewbee a lot.  Bart often shortens that to B.  Kade and Ky lengthen it and call him Kerbopperee, or Bopperee, or Bopper, or Bapper.  I usually call him Stonkerton, or some variation of that.  (Any Office fans out there remember flonkerton?  I think that must be where Stonkerton came from).  Variations of that include: Bonk-flonkerton, Krewserton, Snuggleton, Stinkerton, etc.  I also call him Mommy's baby, or Mommy's Bear, or just Bear.  Kade and Ky often call him Neemee, or Neemee-do. No idea where that came from.

Krew, your whole family is in love with you!  You bring such a happy spirit into our home and we can't imagine our family without you in it!

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