Thursday, September 6, 2012

chicago and my artists

On the last day of our Chicago trip, we spent the morning at the cutest little art studio for kids called Make a Messterpiece!    It is this super awesome place where kids can go and create art.  There are lots of different tables set up with various artsy activities like paints, stencils, playdough, glitter glue, recycled art, easels, markers, stampers, etc.  Then on the other side of the room they have special activities that you can add to your admission.  All three of my boys had a blast, and the adults enjoyed watching them be so creative.  I'm seriously in love with this place!

The first station they went to was a creative kitchen, where they made their own pudding.

These bubble painters were amazing.  You put a stencil on your paper, but it in the bowl, and push the button.  Out comes colored bubbles that land on your paper, pop and add color to your paper.  It's like painting with bubbles!

They had a little area for babies to crawl around and play with the toys.  Krew could have played with this bead table all day!

Oh, and Krew loved this Mater truck as well.  He got pretty good at scooting himself around, backwards!
Another one of the extra stations was this wet-paint-drum-noise room.  The boys got dressed up in head to toe rain gear, grabbed some drum sticks and went inside.  Once they were inside, they could bang on lots of different instruments and objects to make a loud, colorful, wet mess!  My boys were in heaven here.
Ky actually stayed in about twice as long as Kade, and you should have seen him drumming away in there.  This was the perfect activity for him!

Okay, so this is a really weird picture of Krew, but he has recently discovered crayons and he loves them!  You can see his picture in front of him, that he did all by himself!  I think he's going to be a famous artist someday!
Unfortunately, we left some painting to the very end, so they were much too wet to take home.  So, we took photos of them instead.  I should do this with more of their art, instead of just shoving it in a box (or recycling it right away!)
On the way home, we stopped at the Jelly Belly warehouse for a tour and free samples.  Can't beat that!
It was such a great trip to Chicago!

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