Tuesday, September 18, 2012

first day of school-1st grade edition

The day after Labor Day, Kade and Ky started first grade!  To say they were less than excited about their summer break coming to an end would be an understatement!  These boys love to stay home with me and play.  Even if we aren't doing anything exciting.  But, I think they were also a little bit excited to be first graders!  They've been in school a couple of weeks now, and so far, we haven't had any tears about going to school, so I will call that a success.  I also know it just takes my sweet sons a little while to get used to any kind of change.
I couldn't decide which picture of Ky to put on here, because he is a chronic "picture-facer" and I'm not sure which one looks more like a smile!

 The boys were happy to see some of their kindergarten friends when they got to school that morning.  Too bad only one other boy from their kindergarten class is in their class this year.  Oh well, they are good at making friends, and they have each other!

 These two are best buds!  I'm happy that they are in the same class again this year.  It makes me feel better knowing that they can look out for one another while they are away from me.
 When their teacher told them it was time to go into the school, they waved good-bye without hardly even looking back at me.  Which is probably good because I didn't want them to see the tears that were welling up in my eyes.  Does it ever get any easier to drop your kids off on their first day of school?

Krew and I went home to get ready for a fun luncheon we were invited to, and had only been home for about 10 minutes when I decided that the house was too quiet and I missed Kade and Ky already!

We were both excited when they got off the bus that afternoon!

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