Friday, June 15, 2012

krew goes to utah!

Last month, the baby and I took a quick trip to Utah to visit my family and attend a dear friend's wedding.  I was a bit nervous about leaving the other two boys home, figuring that they would be jealous that Krew and I got to go to grandma's house without them, but Bart kept them busy with a very fun guys' weekend, and they hardly missed us at all. 

One of my "must-do" activities every time I am in Utah, is a meal at Cafe Rio.  I can't tell you how excited I got as a stood in line waiting for this baby.  And it tasted as good as I imagined it would. 
Krew was laughing like crazy at some video on my dad's phone.  So cute!
Krew and uncle Jonathan
Another priority while I was there, was visiting all my grandparents, and introducing them to Krew.  I love this picture of Krew with my dad, and his dad. 
I swear I have a picture almost just like this of my dad with Kade, from 6 years ago.  Crazy!

My grandma Marian, Krew and me. 

Great Grandpa had Krew laughing...
...then Krew had Great Grandpa laughing.  Precious!
And a beautiful picture of my grandma Shirlee with Krew and me.  It was so nice being able to visit with my grandparents.  It always brings back so many memories from my childhood!

THE reason I went when I did: being at the temple to witness the marriage of my good friend from college.  Kortney has been like a sister to me, and even though the past 9 years have taken us in different directions, and different places, whenever we see each other, we end up laughing and reminiscing.  I am so glad I was able to be at her wedding. 
And look-she's gorgeous!!

Kortney and me.  As I was leaving her reception, we got to talking about "the good old days" and laughing so hard we were in tears.  I was so lucky to have her for a roommate (especially considering some of the other roommates we had-yikes!)  Love her!
Okay, and aren't these pictures with uncle Andrew the best!  My whole family just ate Krew up, and couldn't get enough.  It was so much fun to be able to share my baby with my family.    I just wish I had a picture of him with my mom and my sister-in-law Katherine.  I do not know how we missed that!  Next time for sure.

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