Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a little festival of cheese

Only in Wisconsin do you have a whole festival for cheese (except maybe in France, but I have a feeling that a French cheese festival would be slightly different than a Wisconsin cheese festival)!  A few weeks ago, we headed to a nearby city to do some cheese tasting, pet some animals, and go on a few rides.  It was a gorgeous day and we all had a blast.  I love these quaint summer festivals!

 We all got to try about 15 different kinds of cheese, and most of them were really good.  The problem was, by the time I sat down with my plate of cheese samples, I couldn't remember what most of them were.

One of the main events was a cheese curd eating contest
 Kade and Ky raced milking this "cow."  They both did really well!
 They had an awesome petting zoo with lots of animals to pet, pick up, and take a picture with:


a tortoise,



and this adorable cow!  Can you believe how small it is?  So cute!

 We let the boys pick a few rides, and they loooooved this dragon roller coaster, as you can plainly see!

Oh, and so brave with the hands in the air, too!
Hooray for festivals, and hooray for cheese!!

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Bridget said...

A cheese festival, that's so rad!