Thursday, June 28, 2012

stars wars night at the baseball game, a.k.a. a little boys' dream summer evening

A few weeks ago, we went to Star Wars night at a nearby minor league baseball game.  We have always loved going to minor league baseball games, in fact my first date with Bart was to the Provo Angels game! But, add Star Wars characters, Star Wars music, Star Wars sound effects throughout the game, and new light-up light sabers, and it was one of the funnest summer evenings we have had!  

 As soon as we arrived at the ball field, we saw R2-D2 rolling toward us.  We had to stop for a picture.  I think my boys would have been completely happy if that was the only Star Wars thing we saw that whole evening.
 Bart's parents came to the game with us, and Krew was having so much fun playing with grandma!
 We took a break from watching the game to go meet some of the characters and have pictures taken.

Darth Vader was the boys' favorite character.  They were so excited when we spotted him!

My favorite was R2-D2.  He was talking to me while I was posing with him, and I wish I knew what he was trying to say!

I didn't know who these red guys were, but don't worry, Kade and Ky knew!

Our team won! After the game, there were fireworks set to Star Wars music.  The boys were in heaven.  I was a little worried about how Krew would handle the fireworks, but after a few minutes of him acting unsure, he decided he liked them pretty well and watched them with Daddy.  It reminded me of last year when I was pregnant with him and we went to a game and stayed for the fireworks.  With each loud firework, Krew kicked me from inside pretty hard.  It was an awesome experience to be watching fireworks, and bonding with my unborn child.  And this year I got to watch them with my husband and three amazing kids!