Wednesday, July 3, 2013

i can never get a good picture of all three of them!

Last Saturday, after a walk, I decided to get a cute photo of all my offspring at the same time, because they are cute, and because this building and steps make a great backdrop.  

This is what I got:
Attempt #1: Krew is sporting the windblown look, and Kade is smiling waaaaay too hard.  Try again.

Attempt #2:  Kade is smiling much less, much too much less.  Ky is eating his own hand-no idea why, and Krew is also trying to figure our why Ky has his whole hand shoved in his mouth.  At least Kade is looking at the camera.  Try again.

Attempt #3:  Ky and Kade both have "picture faces."  Krew is smiling, just not looking the right way.  Kade is trying to help Krew look the right way, but it just looks like Krew is going to get his head pulled off!  Try again.

Attempt #4: Not sure what to even say, except, "I give up!"

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