Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I'm pretty sure that 95% of the pictures I have of Kade lately look just like this.  What a squinter!  I feel like I'm getting to know my kids on a whole new level this summer, and it's been so fun.  I think the twins are finally at an age where, during the school year, they are letting their ideas and personalities really shine at school, where I don't see.  But now that it's summertime, I get to see most all of their crazy ideas, and the funny things they think and say.  Does that make any sense?
Anyway, here are some of the things that Kade has loved lately:
~Playing catch.  He didn't always want to practice baseball when it was baseball season, but now that it's over, he wants to practice all the time.  It's pretty cute.  Plus, just think how good he'll be for next season!
~Playing outside with friends
~Pokemon cards
~Lego Batman 2

Here are some of the things I love about Kade right now:
~What a good reader he is.  I can't believe how fast he'll finish a chapter book, that I was a little hesitant to let him read anyway (because it seems too difficult) and then he'll tell me all about it.  Plus, he seems to get excited about a lot of the books he reads too.
~How good he is with Krew.  He loves to try to teach Krew new things.  And Krew loves to copy Kade!
~Watching him play catch with his dad is beautiful.  It reminds me of when he was little(r), and all he wanted in life was someone to throw a ball to him.  He hadn't really been into playing catch for the past year, but he's back to being himself lately and I love it!
~Watching him make friends with the neighbor kids.  He's so outgoing, and I love how willing he is to meet new people. But it reminds me how quickly he's growing up too!
~He's usually the event planner for the day.  He comes up with activities to do, and Ky usually just has to follow along.  It's great to see him just decide what he wants to do, and he does it! (And it's great that Ky is usually completely fine with letting Kade come up with all the fun ideas!)

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