Wednesday, July 24, 2013


What can I possibly say about this little man that could describe how awesome and fun he is right now?!

Here are some of the things that he really likes right now:
~Animals!  He loves pointing out birds, dogs, bugs, etc.  We took him to a farm to see cows last week, and he hasn't stopped talking about it yet! I'm taking him to the zoo this afternoon for the first time since he's turned one, and I'm so excited to see his reaction!
~Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  He really likes this show, and especially the song they sing called, "Goodbye Crew,"  which he thinks is a song just for him!
~Playing outside.  He would spend all day outside if he could.  He likes to climb up and go down our slide over and over.  He can play with a bucket of water and our landscaping rocks for hours!
~Climbing up on everything.  I have to remove him from the counter and the kitchen table dozens of times each day.  This is one of my least favorites of his favorites.
~Chicken nuggets!  He loves to eat chicken nuggets and french fries.  He asks for them every day.  I don't let him eat them every day, but it's so hard to say no to him because he says, "chicken nuggets and french fries" sooooo cute!

Here are some of the things I'm loving about Krew right now:
~The fact that he always wants to give, "hug and kisses" and the way he says those words!
~The way he reads along with books we've read before.
~The way he is starting to remember things that I think there's no way he could remember.  For instance: last week I took him to a little wading pool in town on Monday-the first time he's been swimming since February.  As I was getting him ready, he was wondering what the weird blue diaper was all about, so I simply said that he has to wear a blue Nemo diaper to go swimming.  5 days later, we were going to go swimming, and all I said was, "let's go get your swim trunks on!" to which he said, "blue Nemo diaper?"  How does he remember that?  How did he make that connection?  Crazy!
~His blond hair that has become even lighter in the sun this summer.  Such a difference from last summer!
~The way he dances and says, "shake your booboo (booty)" whenever there is music on
~The way he sings along to "Hold On" by Alabama Shakes.  One of these days I have to post a video of this.  It's amazing!
~The way he learns something new everyday and how fun and funny he is!

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The Murray Family said...

I love these little tidbits about your boys!