Wednesday, July 3, 2013

just one more!

 My little Krew recently discovered the joy of throwing rocks into the water.  From the first "bloop!"  he was hooked!  Now, whenever he sees rocks, he looks for water to throw them into, and whenever he sees water, he begins searching for rocks.
On Saturday, we went for a little hike, and came across a small stream perfect for throwing rocks into.  After some time, we decided it was time to go home, but this little boy had not had enough.  When we were almost back to our car, he decided he needed to pick up some more rocks and head back to the water.

He scooped up and handful, and then with his other hand, he began picking up more.  "More" he would say as he would pick up one more and put it into his already full little hand.  Each time he picked up one more and placed it into his hand, another rock (or two!) would spill out of his hand and onto the ground.  This went on for probably ten minutes, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't hold on to "one more."  We finally had to stop him and put him in the car, but knowing this boy's determination, he probably would have kept trying the same thing for hours!
It was entertaining, and makes for a cute story, but it made me think about how I live my life.  Do I sometimes try to get just "one more" of something, only to lose something I already have?  Maybe I'm too busy already, but I try to do just one more thing, only to drop the ball on something I've already committed to doing.  Or maybe I get greedy and want more things, and in so doing, I am unable to enjoy the things I already have.  I only have a certain capacity to do things, or enjoy things, or appreciate things, or take care of things, and if I try to get/do "one more" something is going to fall out and land on the ground!  I'm going to try to learn to simply enjoy the rocks that are already in my hand!

I sure love this little boy, with his Mickey Mouse and Goofy tattoos, and for all the things he teaches me every day!

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