Tuesday, April 7, 2015

california vacation: aquarium edition

We loved the Long Beach Aquarium last time we went to California, so it was a must-do on this trip as well.  It was a great place to take our group, because it appealed to big kids, little kids and adults.

Even Miss Boots loved it!
I took this picture right before Krew touched a shark!  He wasn't hardly scared at all.  His arm was kinda short, so we had to help dunk it in far enough to reach one of the sharks, but he did it, and loved it!

Again, what's with all the funny faces?
Oh yeah, Kade wanted to pretend they were underwater holding their breath.  Doesn't it look like they are actually in the water? No?

The aquarium is located right near the shore, naturally, so after we saw all the underwater creatures, we headed outside to walk along this gorgeous path and look out at the ocean.  It was so pretty outside, even if it was a bit chilly.

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