Monday, April 6, 2015

california vacation: disneyland edition

We spent three very full days at Disneyland, and loved (almost) every minute.  Of course we took tons of pictures.  Of course I think you want to see dozens of them.  Of course looking at these pictures makes me want to go back already!
The very first morning we were there, while the kids and I were in Downtown Disney waiting for the rest of the group to catch up with us, we stopped to take pictures with these awesome Lego creations.  It was at this point that an Asian couple stopped to take dozens of pictures of us, and with us.  As in the husband took pictures of his wife with our group, then handed the camera off to her, so he could  get in the shot with us.  I mean, I know my kids are cute, but that's a bit strange.  My kids were so confused as to what was happening.
The very first ride we went on was Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.  Krew didn't want to even go to Disneyland because he had seen a video of this ride online before we went and decided that he was scared of it.  I knew if we just got him to ride it, he would love it. So, we went on it first, so he would stop worrying about it.   And love it he did.  He ended up riding it 5-6 times while we were there, and it was his favorite ride.

Krew was tall enough to go on the Gadget's Go-Coaster rollercoaster.  Once he realized that the Buzz Lightyear ride wasn't scary (just like mom had said), he was willing to try any new ride.  It was so fun to watch him have so much fun.

We didn't see Mickey until it was dark, so these pictures didn't turn out well, but they are better than nothing.
Krew thought he was going to be scared of the characters too, but once we got there and he saw them in person, he wasn't.  He had been talking about touching Pluto on his nose for months, because we have pictures of him doing that two years ago.  So we had to recreate the moment.  Of course, in the dark, my phone always missed the actual nose-touching.
This picture of the boys with their cousins, and McQueen in the back is called, "I know you want your picture taken with Lightning McQueen, but we aren't going to stand in line for half an hour, so come stand over here.  Close enough."
I seriously love Cars Land so much.  It is so amazing!

So, Kade may have been dared by a girl at school to ride the Tower of Terror.  He was so confident in his decision to go, until we were standing in line.  He has always liked thrill rides, and been willing to try just about any ride he is tall enough for.  So, I encouraged him to go with me.  It was obvious at this point that he was not happy about the idea of riding it.  And, he didn't feel any better about it when it was over.  Someday I think he will forgive me for making him ride it. Oops.
I have passed my love of Disney on to my kids, but Ky must be an old soul.  He loves old-school Disney things like Walt himself, Steamboat Willie and Oswald the Rabbit.  It made me happy to take this picture of Ky with Walt and Mickey.

Speaking of Owald the Rabbit, Ky was so excited to meet him and get his autograph!

Here's  the "castle."  It was covered up with a picture of the castle because they were cleaning it or repairing it or something.  We were all so disappointed that we didn't get to see the actual castle.
The twins with their cousin Cooper.  And look!  The castle.  It was uncovered the last day we were there. I was so happy, because there is something magical about it.

My boys!  Krew was making a different funny face in each of the pictures I took here.  He's such a goofball! 

Our niece, Lynndon, and some pineapple sorbet.  This is the picture Bart sent me while I was taking the twins on a ride.  I almost didn't forgive him for eating this without me.

Krew was so funny about naptime at Disneyland.  He would just decide he wanted a nap, climb in the back seat of the double stroller and take a nap.  He didn't care what he might miss while he was sleeping.  This boy loves his naps!

(Most of) Our family at Disneyland.  Everly was asleep in the stroller at this point, and we didn't want to wake her up for a photo.  Now I wish we had, because these pictures are so cute, yet they are incomplete.  I guess we'll have to go back soon so we can get her in a picture with us!

Thanks Mickey!  It was a blast!

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