Monday, April 6, 2015

california vacation: trampoline edition

One day of our vacation, after a picnic lunch at the park, we decided to all go to an indoor trampoline park.  It was so much fun!  

 Krew loved jumping into the foam pit, but not so much the getting back out.  Is it bad that I enjoyed watching him try to climb out?  It was just so funny!

 The twins spent most of their time playing dodgeball.  They were fun to watch.
Towards the end of our time there, I finally got up the nerve to try a front flip.  I used to do them all the time on the trampoline, but it has been years since I had even attempted to do it.  I'm so glad I tried, because after a bad landing on the first one, I was a flipping pro!  I seriously couldn't stop! I must have done 30 flips during those 10 minutes and I would have done more if our time wasn't over.  It was so much fun.  So yes, even after 4 kids, I've still got it.

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