Monday, April 13, 2015

let's have a minecraft birthday party!

Towards the end of March, we had a birthday party for Ky and Kade.  The bad thing about having your birthday four days after Christmas is that it's too crazy to have a birthday party close to your actual birthday.  The good thing about it is that you have an excuse to have your party pretty much whenever you want.  I'm not sure how much the twins like waiting to have their party, but I like the chance to celebrate twice!
This year's party theme, as you can see, was Minecraft.  It's a good thing that Pinterest knows a lot about Minecraft parties, because I know so very little about Minecraft that I was worried I wouldn't be able to stick to the theme.

The Minecraft cake was my favorite part!

We played an exciting game of kill the mobs.

The boys all loved the game, "Don't Eat Steve," probably because you have to eat candy to participate.

I have always liked planning and throwing parties, but it means so much to be able to throw one for my kids and watch their excitement about every detail.  (Okay, maybe not every detail. but close enough).

For party favors, each of the boys got to fill a Creeper bag with candy that matched some element from the game.  I thought they all turned out fun.

And even Everly got to come to the party, and her favorite part was playing in the wrapping paper afterwards.

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