Tuesday, November 19, 2013

halloween 2013

I love Halloween so much!  I love all the fun decorations, I love how excited my kids get about picking their costume, I love making costumes, I love Halloween parties, and I love Halloween candy!
Kade and Ky started talking about what they wanted to be for Halloween sometime around June.  Of course they changed their minds several times, but they talked about it a lot over the past several months.  Krew decided what he wanted to be in September, even before I think he grasped the concept of what it means to "be something" for Halloween.
Kade went with the mighty Thor.  My favorite part was the fact that he took Thor's hammer very seriously.  He would sometimes ask something like, "Hey mom, can you go get my hammer for me?"  Before I could answer he would say, "Oh wait!  Never mind.  It's too heavy for anyone but Thor to pick up.  I'll go get it!"

Ky was set on being Iron Patriot.  Even after he saw (most of) Iron Man 3 and decided it was a bit too scary   He still insisted on this costume.

When did he start looking so grown up?!

These two are best friends.  Being a mom to twin boys is such an amazing thing, and I love, love, love watching them grow up together!

Krew was the cutest minion ever!  Back in the summer, the boys would watch the preview for Despicable Me 2 a lot, and Krew would watch with them.  On one of the previews, one of the minions is acting like a fire truck and says "Beedo, beedo, beedo."  Krew thought this was hilarious, started calling minions "beedos" and since they were everywhere at the time with the new movie out, he loved pointing them all out. So, he decided early on that he wanted to be a "beedo" for Halloween!

He also decided that daddy should be Mr. Gru.  So he was.  I wanted to get in on the theme, so I put together this costume for Edith. Luckily there were lots of ideas online for homemade Despicable Me cosutmes. I think they turned out pretty awesome!

The weekend before Halloween, we went to the Trunk or Treat at church.
Kade and Ky found some of their friends, most of whom were super heroes too.  Of course.
For Family Home Evening the Monday before Halloween, we carved pumpkins.  Kade's is Sulley, Bart's is a mustache man, and Ky's is Perry the Platypus.
The boys aren't allowed to wear costumes to school, which I think is ridiculous, because that was one of my favorite things when I was in elementary school.  It's Halloween for crying out loud.  Let them have a party!  Okay, rant over.  Any way, they did get to wear these funny Halloween shirts I made last year.
After Bart got home from work, we headed out to go trick-or-treating.  The only problem was that it was raining.  It had been raining all day and I kept hoping that it would stop, but it didn't until much later.  But, the upside was that it was so warm!  Even though we had to carry umbrellas, and my feet got wet, and so did some of our candy, we decided that we would take rain over bitter cold and windy (like we have most years here) any day.
So, Krew had decided early in the month, that he did not like costumes.  At. All.  I told him we were going to put on our costumes and go get candy, so all day he kept telling me that he did not like costumes, and that he did not want any candy.  As we were getting ready to leave, I was putting his costume on him, while he screamed.  I wanted him to at least give trick-or-treating a try!  He stopped screaming when we went outside and he saw all the worms on the driveway.  He was so excited to point out all the worms, that he forgot all about his costume.  Then after we had been to a few houses (pointing out all the worms on the way) he decided he liked the whole free candy thing.

In fact, Ky and Kade were ready to be done before Krew was.  Even as his bucket got heavy, and he was having a hard time walking in his rain boots, he still insisted on carrying his bucket himself, and he kept asking if we could go "trick-or-treating more?"
He absolutely loved it, and was so much fun to watch.  Moments like these are why holidays are even better as a parent than they were as a child!
Since Halloween, he has asked several times, "When it gets dark, we go to someone's house and go trick-or-treating?"  So if you live near me, don't be surprised if one evening soon we give in to his request and show up at your door begging for free candy!

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