Thursday, November 14, 2013

krew is two!

On October 28th, my baby turned 2!  He is seriously the funniest, cutest, smartest, silliest two year old I know.  I wish everyone I know could spend some time with Krew so that they could understand what an amazing little person he is. I feel totally selfish keeping all his awesomeness for myself.

 He loved the movie "Planes" and has been seen carrying around airplane toys many times since then.  In fact, there was no way he was going to let me take those planes away from him to get pictures of just the birthday boy!

 Sometimes he acts like a typical two year old, and throws some loud, whole-body tantrums.  But quite often, when he doesn't get his way, he hides in a closet or at least hides his face and pouts.  See above photo for example.
I wanted to make a list of all the cute things he says, but he talks. All. The. Time. So there is no way I can possibly keep track of all the funny things that come out of his mouth.  Maybe I should start carrying a pen and paper around with me so that I can write some of them down, because he is seriously so funny.

Other than the fact that he has entered a screaming phase, where he full-on screams when he doesn't get his way, and the fact that he still screams for extended periods several nights each week, he is a wonderful little boy.  I'll take the ugliness if it means I get to enjoy all his cuteness!
He has become a picky eater.  I never thought he would be based on his first two years where he was constantly eating and would pretty much eat anything.  But I guess that's pretty typical for his age.
He still loves playing with his big brothers, and for the most part, they love playing with him.  It is so sweet watching them interact and grow up together.
Krew, these past two years have been so awesome!  I waited for a long time for you to join our family, and as difficult as that time was, it was SO worth it!  You are so worth waiting for!  You make me smile every day and I'm excited for all the things we'll get to enjoy together as you grow up!  Happy Birthday Krewbie!

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