Wednesday, November 13, 2013

we went to utah: part 5

Tuesday!  My mom and dad told Ky and Kade that if they counted all the change in their change jars, that they would take the change to the bank, and split up the money between the three boys.  It was fun to watch them count all the coins, and see that even though each coin may not be worth a lot, they added up quickly.

They ended up each getting 8 dollars, and of course they thought they needed to spend it all right away.  I was excited to do some shopping too because a) I like shopping in general, and b) shopping is different (read: better) in Utah than it is here.  So we spent the morning going shopping all over town.  I found the dining table of my dreams, marked down 50% off, with absolutely no way to get it home, and some cute shirts for me.  The boys all had a blast at the Disney Store.
We even stopped at Krispie Kreme for some yummy donuts.  As we were standing by the display case, we each picked out a special donut that we wanted, and we picked out a jack-o-lantern one for Krew.  We sat down at a table there to eat, opened the box and immediately Krew started screaming, "Sprinkles! Sprinkles!"  He was mad!  I guess he had seen a sprinkle-covered donut in the case and decided he wanted that one, and we never bothered to ask him which one he wanted.  So my mom, being the amazing grandma that she is, cut in front of a few people in line to buy Krew a sprinkle donut.  Normally I wouldn't stand for giving into a tantrum throwing toddler. But grandmas are supposed to spoil their grandkids-and my mom doesn't get that chance very often, and since being sick, Krew had still eaten almost nothing, and we would have given into any tantrum he threw if it meant he would finally eat something!
After we finished shopping, we went to BYU campus to visit my dad at work.  We ate lunch at the Cougareat-like a food court on campus-and Kade and Ky thought that it was so awesome that in college the "lunchroom" had real restaurants.  Of course, when they asked me, "which of these places was your favorite place to eat when you went here for college?"  they were disappointed when I told them that because I was in college, I could never afford to eat there, and I packed my own lunch, just like they do now.
My dad teaches animation at BYU, so he has some awesome Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks toys and merchandise in his office.  This huge statue of Kung Fu Panda was a big hit with my kids.  They must think that Grandpa just plays at work!
I wish I had taken more pictures of the kids on campus, since I have so many fond memories of being there, but I just didn't get my camera out enough.  These sculptures by the art museum were fun though.

Later that evening, we went to the park to watch my dad fly his remote control airplanes.  All the boys thought this was the coolest thing ever!  Krew is in an "airplane" phase now, probably since we watched the movie Planes, so this is one of the things that he still talks about even now.

We finished the evening with the most delicious meal ever.  I seriously miss not living by a Cafe Rio.  Every time I visit my family, we make sure we get a burrito, and every time before I take a bite, I think, "This can't possibly be as good as I've built it up in my memory to be."  And every time it is!  Yum!!

Krew was sleeping, so he and my dad didn't get to join us, but Jonathan and Katherine did and it was fun to spend some more time visiting with them.
It was another fun, full day!

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