Thursday, November 14, 2013

krew's birthday

 We kept Krew's birthday pretty low-key, and just had Bart's parents and grandparents over in the evening for presents, cake and ice cream.  Bart's mom thought Krew would enjoy his buddy, Yuri the puppy coming up for the party too, and she was right.  Krew ran right outside without a coat or shoes on to go get him and bring him inside for the party.

 I wasn't sure how Krew would do with presents since he was much younger last time he opened presents at Christmas time.  But, it didn't take him long to figure out how awesome opening birthday presents is, and he loved every minute of it!

After he opened his presents, and played with each one a little bit, it was time for cake!  
Aren't these Mickey Mouse cupcakes cute?  They are made out of Oreos and they are seriously so easy!  

It was the perfect little birthday party for the perfect little birthday boy!

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Becky and Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Krew! Those cupcakes are adorable! CJ just started to LOVE mickey mouse. I will have to remember those cupcakes!