Wednesday, November 13, 2013

we went to utah: part 8

I think we were all a little sad when the last day of our trip arrived.  Things didn't go exactly as we had planned, because having a very sick toddler on vacation is a lot of work, but we still had so much fun and we weren't ready to leave!  Luckily we had a later flight, so we spent Friday morning soaking up every last bit of family time we could.  My youngest brother Andrew came bearing gifts, which the boys all loved!!

 Krew walked on the ceiling and played puzzles with Grandpa.  Krew was finally acting like his crazy, silly, happy, energetic self, just in time for us to leave.

 Saying goodbye to Grandpa was hard.  I think all four of us were crying as we pulled out of the driveway on our way to the airport.
Honestly, the trip home by myself had me a little freaked out.  Krew was just getting over being so sick, we were all tired and worn out, no one was super excited to be going home, we had a 3 hour flight, and hour layover and a one hour flight, then I had to get 3 kids, 3 carseats, 3 backpacks, 3 suitcases, and a stroller onto the shuttle, over to our car, and drive 2 hours home, in the cold, all after 10pm!  Things were going pretty well until Ky got motion sick on the first flight and was puking during our layover, Kade started to get motion sick on the second flight, and Krew was tired and starting to get very cranky.  But I'm a tough mom, and I was holding it together (but maybe just barely) as we landed in Milwaukee and started heading to the baggage claim to start what would probably be the most challenging part of the trip.  I could not believe my eyes when I looked up and saw Bart there at the airport!  He had come to rescue me!  He had gone with his dad to Chicago for the afternoon, and his dad dropped him off at the airport.  By the time we saw him, he had already picked up our van, loaded all our luggage and carseats in, and had parked just outside the door.  I was so relieved that I started to cry!  I seriously have the best husband in the world-he's my hero!


Bret and Charise Miller said...

So happy you took a trip to Utah, so fun! I may have cried some reading your 2nd and 8th post. How scary with Krew!!! McCoy had an ear infection, fever, congested, and coughing about the same time Krew was sick. McCoy being sick made me nervous but yikes going through all that with krew is scary. Glad he is doing better!
I also know all too well how hard it is to leave family, and seeing how sad it makes your kids does not make it any easier. I would have cried also if I saw Bret there to help after crazy traveling. Brownie points for Bart!
It was fun to see all the other pictures. Yay for Utah.

Rachel Murray said...

Way to go, Bart! I almost teared up when I read he was there ready and waiting. What a guy!!