Tuesday, November 26, 2013

november randomness

November is always a weird month for me.  I feel like I spend most of the month trying to decide if I want to dive right into the Christmas craziness so that December will be a bit slower paced, or if I want to enjoy things being a bit less busy, knowing that no matter what I do in November, December will always be its fun, busy, stressful, happy, magical time of year!
Here are some pictures of a few of the things we have done so far this month.
For just a few days, as part of the promotional tour for the DVD release of Man of Steel, all of the Superman costumes from the past movies and TV shows came to town.  It was fun to see the original (Christopher Reeve) costume, the way I remember Superman, and all the changes that have been made up until the most recent suit.  Some of the changes are subtle, some not so much.

Another thing we discovered in November: when Krew is going crazy, and can't express what it is that he wants, placing him up above the mantle calms him down.  I'm not sure what about the experience does it, perhaps it's just a little bit scary, so he doesn't want to make any sudden moves, and it's a little bit awesome so he forgets why he was upset, but it has worked several times.  The only problem is that this parenting technique can only be used by Bart, because I am not nearly tall enough to lift him up that high.  (And before you call CPS, Bart stays right there, so there is no danger of Krew falling and getting hurt.  You can relax now).

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