Wednesday, November 6, 2013

we went to utah: part 3

After the scary, crazy Saturday we had, I was glad that the following day was Sunday.  Kade and Ky went to church with my parents, while I stayed home and snuggled my sick baby.  He no longer had any fever, but he was in so much pain.  Every time he coughed, he started to cry.  He wouldn't eat or drink much of anything at all, and he wanted me to hold him. All. Day. So I did.
Luckily, Ky and Kade were not very affected by Krew being sick.  They spent the day playing with their grandparents, playing with toys that belonged to my brothers and me when we were little, and later on playing with my siblings.
We did take some time in the afternoon to go feed the ducks.  This is something that I remember doing with my family a lot.  Even in the snow.  It was fun to go with my parents again, and take my kids too.

Krew perked up for about 10 minutes while we were feeding the ducks.  It was nice to see him smile and act (mostly) like himself, even if it was only for a tiny bit.

The evening was  spent enjoying Sunday dinner all together, and playing video games and board games.  Just like I wish most Sunday evenings could be like.

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