Friday, November 1, 2013


We recently found this really cool hike by the bay with water on one side, and jagged, rocky cliffs on the other.  The hike wasn't too hard for the boys, and the weather that day was perfect for a nice, fall outing.  Don't be confused by the fact that Kade is wearing shorts and a winter hat.  It was a great temperature for shorts and a light jacket; but someone got a new Lion hat and insisted on wearing, regardless of the temperature.  

Oh, no!  There's a scary lion coming out of that cave!
Bart and Krew both thought this back carrier worked great.  We haven't used it with him for a long time, and we aren't sure why, because it was so convenient.  The only problem was that I could barely get it to latch around Krew's tummy.  Despite the fact that he is well within the weight limit for the carrier, his belly is chubby and he barely fit!  But, even being squished in, we heard no complaints from the little chunker as he enjoyed his ride with daddy!

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