Wednesday, November 13, 2013

we went to utah: part 4

 On Monday, we headed out to have some fun!  I always hear a lot about fun places my friends who live in Utah take their kids, so when we come for a visit, we have a hard time narrowing it down to the activities we have time/money for.  We decided to try out Provo Beach Resort.  There were lots of different activities, but we opted for just a few.  We started at this awesome play area.  It was like the play places at McDonalds, only 5 times bigger, 5 times cleaner, and much more fun!

 Krew didn't last very long in the play area, but he was super excited about riding the carousel.  Of course, once the ride was going, he put on his typical ride face, and you would never know he was really enjoying himself.

 The last activity we tried was this laser game.  The boys had to climb over, crawl under and avoid these laser beams.  I think they had fun.
The rest of the day was spent helping an extremely tired, grumpy toddler get a nap, while the rest of us played and enjoyed being in Utah with gorgeous weather.  I was even able to take Ky and Kade to the park while Krew napped.  I have to admit it was lots of fun being at the park with my two adventurous older boys, without having to watch where the little guys was.  Ky and Kade are so much fun to play with!  (I should really try to remember that.)

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